Firbolg Name Generator: How to Create Your Firbolg Character’s Name

Creating a character for Dungeons & Dragons is always fun – it gives you the chance to start fresh, and try something new. Whether you’re designing your first D&D character or setting up one for your next campaign, an important part of your character is their name: it gives other characters and NPCs a sense of your nature and history right off the bat.

But how do you come up with a great firbolg character name? And are there any firbolg name generators to make the whole process easier?

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know much about firbolg before researching this guide, in part because my group has never played with one (either while I was a player or for the campaigns I’ve DMed). But after learning more about them, I’m more interested than ever in at least making a few firbolg NPCs for my next campaign.

Below, you’ll find a bunch of information about the firbolg race in D&D and firbolg naming conventions. If you just want to jump to the third-party firbolg name generators I recommend, use the table of contents below to jump right to that section. Good luck coming up with an awesome name for your firbolg character!

Basics about Firbolgs

In Dungeons & Dragons, firbolgs were first introduced as part of Volo’s Guide to Monsters; they are not part of the primary races in the Players Handbook, but most DMs are happy to have firbolg characters.

Firbolg Name Generator - Official Portrait
Firbolg official portrait courtesy of D&D Beyond

The firbolg race is a humanoid species known for their connection to nature and their peaceful, reclusive lifestyle. They are typically depicted as tall and muscular, standing around 7 feet tall, with skin tones ranging from pale blue to greenish-gray.

Firbolgs are typically a gentle and wise people, living in harmony with nature and preferring to avoid conflict. They often live in isolated communities deep in the forests or mountains, where they maintain a deep connection to the natural world.

In D&D lore, firbolgs are often skilled in magic and have a natural affinity for animals. They are known for their ability to shapechange, allowing them to take on animal forms to better blend in with their surroundings. They also have the ability to communicate with plants and animals, making them valuable allies to those who seek to protect the natural world.

Firbolgs are generally peaceful and slow to anger, but can become fierce protectors when their homes and loved ones are threatened. They are also deeply spiritual and often worship nature deities or spirits, which guide and protect them.

In terms of gameplay, firbolgs are often depicted as strong and hardy, with bonuses to their strength and wisdom scores. They are well-suited to classes such as druids, rangers, or clerics that focus on nature.

Overall, firbolgs are a unique and interesting race in Dungeons & Dragons, with a strong connection to nature and a deep respect for the natural world. They are a popular choice for players who enjoy playing characters with a calm and thoughtful demeanor, as well as those who enjoy exploring the wilderness and engaging in spiritual practices.

Well-Know Firbolg in the D&D World

While firbolg isn’t as commonly-used of a character class as others like elf, dwarf, and halfling from the core Players Handbook, there are still a few well-known firbolg from some sources:

  • Tavis Burdun – A firbolg ranger in several D&D books by Troy Denning.
  • Vander – A firbolg once-assasin in several D&D books by R.A. Salvatore.

If you love D&D podcasts and webshows, you might also know of a few well-known firbolg from those. Taliesin Jaffeplays Caduceus Clay as part of “The Mighty Nein” for the wildly popular Critical Role; Chris Demarais plays Gum Gum in Tales from the Stinky Dragon, which is the D&D podcast that got me interested in playing in the first place. (If you know of any other notable firbolg podcast or webshow characters, let me know in the comments and I’ll give them a shout-out here!)

Firbolg Naming Conventions

Coming up with a name for a firbolg character can be a fun and creative process, especially as this character race has such a detailed history. Here are some tips to help you come up with a name that fits your firbolg.

Nature-Inspired Names

Since firbolgs are so closely tied to nature, consider giving your character a name that reflects this connection. Names inspired by animals, plants, or natural features like rivers or mountains can be a great starting point.

Celtic or Irish Names

The concept of firbolgs actually relates to Irish mythology, so consider giving your character a name that has roots in Celtic or Irish culture. This can help add depth and flavor to your character’s backstory.

For other ideas, you might look to Scottish, Norse, or even Icelandic mythology or naming conventions.

Long, Syllabic Names

Many firbolg names in D&D have multiple syllables and a slightly poetic or musical quality to them. Consider using longer, more complex names to give your character a unique and memorable sound.

Consider Personality Traits

If your firbolg character has a particular personality trait that you want to emphasize, consider choosing a name that reflects this trait. For example, a firbolg with a gentle nature might have a softer-sounding name, while a more fierce or aggressive firbolg might have a name with sharper or harder sounds.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that feels right for your firbolg character and that you enjoy saying and hearing. Have fun with the naming process, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Firbolg Name Ideas

Firbolg Name Generators - Dark Forest

There are many great names for firbolg characters. Here are some examples, to get your inspiration going:

  1. Arden – a name meaning “eagle valley”
  2. Branwen – a Welsh name meaning “blessed raven”
  3. Cairbre – an Irish name meaning “charioteer”
  4. Daelin – a name meaning “little bird”
  5. Eldrid – a name meaning “wise advisor”
  6. Fionn – an Irish name meaning “fair-haired”
  7. Gwendolyn – a Welsh name meaning “white ring”
  8. Haldor – a Norse name meaning “rock of Thor”
  9. Isolde – a Celtic name meaning “ice ruler”
  10. Keir – a Scottish name meaning “dark-skinned”

Additionally, firbolg characters typically live in clans or groups. These names are much more naturally-inspired, typically relating to the environment that the clan lives in; while most firbolg clans would come from forest or hilly areas, they can live anywhere that seems reasonable for a nature-oriented group of firbolg to call home.

Here are some ideas for firbolg clan names that you might use as a surname for your firbolg character:

  1. Oakheart
  2. Shadowcreek
  3. Stonefist
  4. Elderwood
  5. Ashwood
  6. Deeproot
  7. Thornbush
  8. Pinegrove
  9. Emberwood
  10. Silentlake

Remember, these are just a few examples, and there are many other great names out there for firbolg characters. Consider using these names as inspiration, or try using a name generator to come up with something truly unique; I’m personally partial to Daelin Ashwood, but you’re welcome to use that one if it calls out to you!

Top Firbolg Name Generators

Speaking of firbolg name generators, I review 10 of the most popular sites that generate firbolg names, and here are the three I thought made the most reasonable – and pronounceable – firbolg names:

  • My favorite tool for generating a firbolg name was PsyCat Games. Their firbolg name generator only produces one name at a time, but each one was quite beautiful and easy to pronounce. It seems simple to choose one of these names and let it help inform your character’s backstory.
  • Fantasy Names Generator had the next best firbolg name generator I tried. Their names were a bit more cumbersome in the mouth, but still had that good lilt of the mythology that informs the firbolg race, and they produce 10 names at a time to choose from.
  • Finally, Codex Nomina is the third-best firbolg name generator I tried. Their name generator produces just first names, and some of them are pretty complex to try and say regularly, but it was the final one that I thought was actually useful if you don’t find the perfect name from the other tools I’ve suggested.

There are lots of others out there, but these are the three that I think generated the best firbolg names that use the tips above and create pleasant-sounding and easy-to-pronounce names. Have any other questions about naming your firbolg character? Let me know in the comments below.

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