The 6 Best Dice for Rangers in D&D: Perfect Sets for Stealthy Survivors

Far from the bustle of cities and towns, past the hedges that shelter the most distant farms from the terrors of the wild, amid the dense-packed trees of trackless forests and across wide and empty plains, rangers keep their unending watch.

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For the first campaign I served as DM, one of my players was a highly-adept Ranger. He was the best fighter, wielding both weapons and magic to full advantage. DMing for a Ranger gave me the chance to learn more about this class I’ve never played, and gave me an appreciation for what makes this class a special addition to the world of D&D.

So whether you’re playing a Ranger yourself and want a special set of dice for your character or you’re DMing and want to give your Ranger a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a list of the best dice for Rangers as well as a few extra ideas that will set up your Ranger character for success wherever the campaign takes you.

What are the Best Dice for Rangers in D&D?

Best Dice for Rangers Hero

If you’re looking to buy a set of dice for a Ranger, the best thing to keep in mind is the backstory and lifestyle of these characters in the world of D&D. As you probably know, Rangers are warriors out in the wilderness; they often live on the edge of civilization, slaying beasts and foul foes, living off the land. They are one with nature in a different way than Druids – though they share some magical abilities in common.

Rangers also have some aspects that can play into the dice they use: they have the ability to call a favored foe (a species they are most adept at tracking and killing), can set a Hunter’s Mark upon their adversaries during battle, and choose favored terrain that they can travel more quickly on. (This is, of course, among many other traits of Rangers depending on the way the character is set up.)

At the end of the day, the best dice for a Ranger character is the one that feels right in the hand of the person playing the Ranger. If you’re that Ranger, one of these specially-designed Ranger dice sets might call out to you; if you’re buying them as a gift, it’s always best to get a gift receipt in case they aren’t quite right for the player. (I never take offense at this because I know that – while it doesn’t affect their rolls in reality – it matters a ton how the dice feel!)

1. Ranger Danger 11-Dice Set

Looking for the ultimate dice for the Ranger in your campaign or yourself playing a Ranger? I think these might be the set to buy!

These resin dice, made by “DndDice” on Esty, feature earthy red and forest green color and have leaves and arrowheads within their translucent cores.

They also have an incredible font design that features the iconography of the Ranger’s Guild. Most dice also have a special icon instead of their highest number – think a bow and arrow on the d6 or a wolf’s head on the d12.

Seriously though, this 11-piece set is really cool for Ranger characters, especially at the price.

Best Dice for Rangers - Ranger Danger
Photo courtesy of DndDice on Etsy

2. Silent But Deadly 7-Dice Set

Given its name, it’s no surprise that the DndDice Etsy shop is one of the best options for buying dice on that platform.

They have another great set of dice for Rangers; the “Silent But Deadly” resin dice set is a beautiful earthy color with copper arrowheads inside each core and easy-to-read blue font.

This is a great set if your character (or the Ranger in your campaign) favors the longbow as part of their onslaught of attacks during combat.

Best Dice for Rangers - Silent But Deadly
Photo courtesy of DndDice on Etsy

3. Sharp Edge Black & Green Dice Set

If you love a simple set of dice that still looks as badass as your Ranger character, these dice from CharlesShopGBGoods on Etsy are a nice option.

They are sharp-edged resin dice that have swirls of light green and black, with flecks of gold – they’re perfect for Rangers whose favored terrain in D&D is the dark forests of the world. Additionally, the font is gold which really pops on the face of each dice – very easy to read so there’s no question when you roll a critical hit.

(If you decide to go for these dice, they are style “DA-13” on the listing page – the seller has lots of other really cool color and core combos.)

Best Dice for Rangers - Black and Green
Photo courtesy of CharlesShopGBGoods via Etsy

4. Emerald Ranger Dice Set

If the backstory of the Ranger character in your campaign leans more toward darkness – perhaps they’ve chosen the undead as their favored foe or the Underdark as their favored terrain – these dark, moody “Emerald Ranger” dice are a good choice.

Each dice has one site set with the logo of the dice-maker, LunarPhoenixWorks; this moon and star logo might also make perfect sense depending on your Ranger’s backstory.

Unfortunately, there’s only one set of these dice available and they’re pretty costly – these are a pretty treat if you buy them for yourself or as a gift.

Best Dice for Rangers - Emerald Ranger
Photo courtesy of LunarPhoenixWorks via Etsy

5. Glitter Green Heavy Dice

There’s something magical about the feeling of dice in your hand –and there’s something even better about metal dice. The heavier weight and hearty clunk of metal dice in your dice tray just seem fateful as you roll for your Ranger’s checks, saves, and attacks.

This zinc alloy dice set is also beautiful, featuring gold and green glitter; it might be perfect depending on your Ranger’s backstory – maybe they come from royalty but chose the life of a wilderness protector. (Think Aragorn!)

Best of all, despite their heft, they are on par with the cost of other dice sets for Rangers you might be considering.

6. Ranger Cage Dice Set

For another metal dice set, these Ranger-designed dice from Dice Dungeons are a cool option. They are electro-plated brass dice, cast into “cages” – that is, they have an open-air core and are just frames. They also come in different colors; bronze, gold, or copper might make sense for some Rangers, whereas black or deep green might make difference for others.

They certainly look cool – though they might not have the right feel. (As recommended in my guide to buying your first dice, it’s always good to roll your dice a few times to make sure they have the right feel!)

As they are more complex designs and nicer quality, they are the highest price on this list; they’re certainly a cool gift if you want to treat yourself or you really love the Ranger character in your campaign.

Best Dice for Rangers - Ranger Cage
Photo courtesy of Dice Dungeons

Bonus #1: Hardwood Ranger Dice Box

While this post is obviously focused on the best dice for Rangers, I also found a few products that work as good compliments or alternative gifts for the Ranger player in your group.

First up, a beautiful hardwood dice box that fits a standard seven-dice set – this one is engraved with a beautiful design on top, especially if your ranger favors the longbow. (Might be a great combo with the “Silent but Deadly” dice set above.)

This box holds closed with magnets, so once you set your dice in, they’ll stay secure until the next game session.

Best Dice for Rangers - Dice Box
Photo courtesy of Etsy user Dwayne

Bonus #2: Ranger Dice Bag

If you have waaay more dice than will just fit in a single dice box like the one above, you’ll need a dice bag – a bag of holding, if you will – to keep them all organized.

To that end, check out this Ranger dice bag, which features common colors Rangers typically wear when out adventuring along the Sword Coast or in Wildemount… that is, deep forest green and earthy brown.

Inside, there are nine compartments, and it closes up to a reasonable 5-inch square size. Most impressively, the entire bag unfolds to lay flat, so you can easily access all your dice without rummaging around.

Best Dice for Rangers - Dice Bag
Photo courtesy of TinkerersVault via Etsy

While, of course, the dice don’t make any difference in the way they roll in the end and it’s entirely a matter of preference, it’s still really fun to choose dice that reflect your character; these dice for Rangers are a nice place to start, though you can certainly find many others that might call out to you instead. Whichever you choose (or gift), it’s all about the feel in your hands and the magic they inspire.

Have any questions about these best dice for Rangers I’ve suggested, or know of others I should add? Let me know in the comments below!

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