The 7 Best Dice for Artificers in D&D: Interesting Sets for Innovators

Masters of invention, artificers use ingenuity and magic to unlock extraordinary capabilities in objects…  The magic of artificers is tied to their tools and their talents, and few other characters can produce the right tool for a job as well as an artificer.

Tasha’s Cauldon of Everything

While not part of the original list of classes in the Players Handbook, Artificers are one of the most fun classes that were added in later Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks. For several years now, players have loved using the Artificer class to combine magic and technology to unlock new stories in their D&D campaigns.

I’ve played alongside an Artificer once, and they’re a unique class of character – one that merits a special set of dice with which to unleash their great and/or terrible ability to bend magic for technological advancement.

Whether you’re playing an Artificer yourself and want a special set of dice for your character or you’re DMing and want to give your Artificer a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a list of the best dice for Artificers as well as a few extra ideas that will set up your Artificer character for success wherever the campaign takes you.

What are the Best Dice for Artificers in D&D?

Best Dice for Artificers Hero

Choosing dice for your Artificer character (or as a gift to someone playing an Artificer) is about more than just grabbing a cool metal set of dice: it’s about understanding the magical approach an Artificer would take to making something like dice in the first place.

While the Druid might play with wooden dice they hand-carved from a favorite tree, the Cleric might have a set of holy crystalline dice, or the Ranger might use bone dice made from a favored foe, the Artificer would consider both their function and fantastical abilities.

An Artificer character always wants the right tool for the job – and this includes the dice they play with outside the game. Below you’ll find some of the best dice for Artificers out there. Some lean more toward the technological aspects of these tinkerers whereas others have a mesmerizing aspect to channel the magic each Artificer can harness.

In the end, the best thing you can do is look to your character’s backstory to discover the right dice for your Artificer character, and then see how they feel when you roll.

1. Artificers Legacy

If you’re looking for dice that tap into an artificer’s mechanically-oriented mind, these dice from TheAstrolabeUK are a great option.

Each of the metal dice in this “Artificers Legacy” set has cogs designed into the corners; it gives them all a cool steam-punk vibe that is very much in line with many artificer characters especially those that focus on tinkering.

Made from zinc alloy, a lot of players report that they have a really nice weight to them – very important when choosing dice!

Best Dice for Artificers - Artificers Legacy
Photo courtesy of TheAstrolabeUK via Etsy

2. Artificer Dice Set

For an alternative to the cog-designed dice above, I also found these Artificer dice from the maker Riftgate on Etsy. I personally like these dice more for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I think they’re much easier to read; the cog is part of the design on each face, rather than the points, which makes the numbers clearer; there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you rolled a 7 when it’s really a 1!

Second, they have blunted corners on some of the dice, which makes them roll better, or at least I think so!

Best Dice for Artificers - Artificer Dice Set
Photo courtesy of Riftgate via Etsy

3. Red Gear Sharp Dice

If you prefer resin dice rather than metal dice, never fear – there are lots of great dice for Artificers that aren’t made of metal but still have the same general style.

I really like these red, sharp-edged Artificer dice from 3DEgos on Etsy. Each dice is designed somewhat differently: the d20 has a gear motif, while the d6 uses light bulbs and Roman numerals to indicate what you’ve rolled.

3DEgos also has a cool set of smoky resin dice with gears inside, if you’re looking for an alternative from this same seller.

Best Dice for Artificers - Red Gear Sharp Dice
Photo courtesy of 3DEgos via Etsy

4. Artificer Warforged Gears 7-Dice Set

Depending on the rules you’re playing, these Artificer Warforged dice may literally be perfect for your character’s race and class combo.

(The Artificer class coming from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything while Warforged being a race in Eberron: Rising from the Last War.)

These soft-edged resin dice are dark, glittery, and have cogs inside – they really are mesmerizing to look at and roll. If you’re looking for a nice set of dice for your Artificer character, even if you’re not Warforged, this is still a great option.

Best Dice for Artificers - Warforged Gears 7-Dice Set
Photo courtesy of HoardingDragons via Etsy

5. Fiery Cogwheel 7-Piece Set

Is your Artificer character less Warforged than forged in fire somehow? Here’s a set of dice for Artificer characters that could match that backstory: RealityAtWork has created a red resin set with chinky golden gears inside.

I really like these dice except for one detail: because the font is also gold, it can be hard to read them in certain light. You’ll just have to be careful when reading your dice to ensure you call out the right number to your DM. (Which, honestly, you should be doing anyway!)

Best Dice for Artificers - Fiery Cogwheel
Photo courtesy of RealityAtWork via Etsy

6. Digital Dice Numbers Metal Set

If your Artificer character is looking to push the boundaries of technology in The Realms, these digital number dice are a unique option. Sure, computers don’t exist in the world of D&D… or maybe your character is trying to create one!

In any case, these dice are super easy to read and totally unique compared to other dice I’ve found – both for Artificers and for other classes.

7. Hollow Metal Black & Gold Set

For one final option, I found these cool hollow metal Artificer-style dice; they’re understandably lighter than other metal dice on this list, but still have the same metal-and-gold color combo, plus cogs on each face that make the letters pop and easy to read.

They are, admittedly, the most expensive metal dice on this list (hence being at the bottom), but are pretty cool and elaborate to justify the few extra dollars for this perfect set of dice for your Artificer character.


Bonus #1: Artificer Hex Dice Vault

Every good character’s dice deserve their own storage option, and your Artificer is no exception. I found two neat dice storage options, the first of which is this hexagonal dice vault with a beautiful engraved Artificer-specific cover; even its shape fits with the mechanically-oriented theme of Artificer characters.

This dice vault holds a standard seven-dice set, so you can choose one of the dice sets above, then have a nice play to store them in between sessions.


Best Dice for Artificers - Hex Dice Vault
Photo courtesy of DragonwoodDigital via Etsy

Bonus #2: Artificer Dice Box

For another dice storage option, my favorite dice box maker has an Artificer box (in addition to one for Rangers and other classes too).

This long, thin Artificer dice box holds a standard seven-dice set and is beautifully engraved with the iconography of the Artificer class. It is held closed with magnets, so your dice won’t get lost in your bag in between sessions.

It’s perfect no matter which of the dice for Artificers you choose from my list or find elsewhere when shopping for the perfect dice for your character.

Best Dice for Artificers - Dice Box
Photo courtesy of Etsy user whitestarwhale

While it’s important to get a set of dice for Artificers that fit your character, I personally think the dice box or dice vault is equally important – and one that most players overlook. (This also makes it a great gift if you’re browsing this list for ideas for a D&D player in your life.) Have any questions about these best dice for Artificers or the other dice accessories I recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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